I have attended several pickleball camps and clinics where Catherine Parenteau was a coach/instructor and I cannot say enough about her pickleball coaching and teaching skills/abilities.  Catherine has the ability to quickly observe & evaluate a player's strengths & weaknesses in order to give feedback to immediately improve that player's skill.  She improved my game after attending just one camp/clinic!  Catherine treats all of her student players with dignity and respect,  no matter what their skill level may be.

Joan McKnelly

Catherine has been pivotal to my development as both a player and a coach. She adeptly communicates information pertaining to skills and strategies. In addition, Catherine is fully engaged every time she steps on the court. I am very fortunate to train with her.

Chris Wells

For the past two years, Catherine Parenteau has been our Professional Pickleball Instructor; and the club is fortunate to have her. As a non-tennis player, I've come to love the game, and Catherine is one of the reasons. My lessons focus on the game's technical aspects, such as dinking, drop-shots, serves, drives, and block-shots. Catherine's Drill & Play sessions are in high demand. Together with 3 or 4 members, the session focuses on game strategy, court position, and shot selection. Catherine has a charming personality; the members love her, and she's a tremendous resource for our club.

Ray Caron

J'ai organisé de nombreuses cliniques avec Catherine. Les joueurs sont toujours enchantés, peu importe leur niveau. Chacun bénéficie d'une attention personnalisée, même en groupe. Catherine aime enseigner et ça parait. Aucun détail ne lui échappe. En prime, elle réussit à transmettre sa passion du pickleball en quelques minutes. À peine terminée, les joueurs ont hâte à la prochaine clinique.

Isabelle Gauthier

Sometimes excellent players are not as good at teaching as they are playing but Catherine Parenteau is definitely both a phenomenal player and teacher!  I think I was one of her first students and I was impressed right away  with her teaching skills as well as her dedication and caring for her students no matter what their level of play.    Her love of pickleball is exemplified in her teaching and her friendly positive approach makes her lessons both informative and fun.   My friends and I continue to take lessons from Catherine every chance we get and we are still talking about and working  on the concepts she worked with us on this summer. 

Berniece Peltier

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