Catherine Parenteau

Ranked top 5 in the world for women’s Pickleball, Catherine Parenteau, 26, is one of today’s most well known players in Professional Pickleball.

Previously ranked top 5 for tennis in Canada, Catherine now travels around the country to compete in all of the biggest Professional Pickleball tournaments.

Catherine Parenteau grew up in Montreal, Canada and was introduced to the game of tennis at the young age of 4. Her love and passion for the game grew immensely over the years; she is a born-athlete. As her dedication to the sport pursued, her talent called for country-wide recognition. Being ranked in the top 5 players for her age group in Canada, Catherine was recruited by a top 25 team Division 1 NCAA, the University of Arkansas. One year later, Catherine transferred to Michigan State university where she felt she would be better suited. She competed with the MSU Women’s Tennis Team for the following three years. While completing her studies at MSU, her coach Simone Jardim introduced her to the sport of Pickleball. A natural on the court, Catherine’s love for the game sparked immediately, and she’s been playing ever since. She started playing in October 2015 and only 6 months later was competing in the US Open, one of the biggest and most competitive Pickleball tournaments. She won the 5.0 mixed bracket, and her career soared. Today, Catherine is constantly traveling around the country to play professionally, and has found a love for teaching others how to play as well. Catherine serves as an IPTPA certified instructor at Collier’s Reserve in Naples, Florida where she currently resides. She also dedicates her time to teaching clinics around the country. 

Catherine enjoys all outdoor activities, from going for a run outside to skiing on the slopes in Canada. She currently resides in Naples, Florida with her partner Athena Trouillot and their French bulldog, Zoey. She loves spending quality time with her family and friends.